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Lymphatic system

Lymphatic system - it one more network of vessels covering all organism in which the lymph circulates. Closely co-operating with blood system, it is auxiliary service of transportation, deducing and processing of a waste.

At the elementary animals like jellyfishes contents of a body a little than differ from an environment. These inhabitants of the seas receive nutrients directly from sea water and there allocate ability to live products in simple process of diffusion. However the more difficult an organism structure (as at the higher animals and especially the person), the above specialisation of separate cages and groups of cages, and, hence, and necessity for more advanced systems of maintenance with nutrients and waste disposals.

One of them is the lymphatic system consisting of a network of lymphatic vessels and bodies carrying out special function and fabrics - vilochkovoj glands, or timusa, spleens and mindalin.

Lymphatic vessels - smallest of them name lymphatic capillaries - lie near to arteries and veins on which blood flows. They take away from fabrics a superfluous liquid - a lymph. Walls of these capillaries are very thin and pronitsaemy, therefore large molecules and particles (including bacteria), not capable to get into blood capillaries, are easily taken out away together with a lymph.

Two systems

Closely co-operating with blood system and supplementing it, lymphatic nevertheless it is completely independent. These systems too differently work. For example, the lymph circulates in an organism, than blood much more slowly.

In movement the lymph is resulted by reductions of muscles in which lymphatic vessels lie. It is promoted also by a difference in concentration of the substances dissolved in a lymph and blood, and a return current of a lymph do not suppose the valves similar to the venous.

Lymphatic vessels are available in all parts of a body, except for the central nervous system, bones, cartilages and a teeth. The structure of a lymph filling vessels depends on their site. So, vessels, drenirujushchie finitenesses, contain the superfluous liquid collected from cages or blood vessels, therefore here the lymph is rich with fiber. At the same time the lymph in intestines vessels is rich with fat, or hilusom, absorbed of guts in the course of digestion, and on colour reminds milk.

The Small vessels collecting a lymph from all parts of a body, merge in more and more large, and, at last, from two main lymphatic vessels the lymph moves in blood through the veins located in the basis of a neck. The right lymphatic channel brings a lymph collected from the top half of the right party of a body. All other lymph arrives on a chest channel. Valves in ustjah channels do not suppose blood hit in lymphatic system.

Every minute from a chest channel in a vein arrives from 4 to 10 ml of a lymph; for days of 60% of total amount of plasma and 50% of fiber circulating in blood it is filtered from capillaries in lymphatic system, and therefrom it is forwarded back to blood.

The Lymph not only supports constant volume of blood, but also helps to supply fabrics with nutrients. The intestines are penetrated by a large quantity of lymphatic vessels which grasp microscopic particles of fat and deliver them in blood through a chest channel.

On the guard of health

However for a lymph there is no more important a role, than a barrier role on an infection way. In various places lymphatic vessels run into the fabric knots named lymph nodes or glands. On all blood and lymphatic vessels white blood little bodies battling to an infection — limfotsity from here start on a journey.

In lymph nodes bacteria getting from vessels and other alien particles are filtered and destroyed, and the lymph leaving knot grasps limfotsity and antibodies. If on your organism the infection walks, lymph nodes can painfully be blown up, aspiring to destroy as the intruded enemy, and victims in struggle against an infection limfotsity. The swelled up a little knots behind ears, under a jaw, under mice and in a groin are especially appreciable.

The Quantity limfotsitov in an organism more or less constantly, but depending on a state of health it can increase or decrease. Sometimes it is possible to notice the small swelling specifying that with lymphatic system something is not perfectly in order. Usually it arises because of long inactivity and soon passes. As soon as you will get up and will start to move, your muscles, being reduced, will accelerate a lymph current, and from a swelling there will be no trace.