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Immune system

the Human body possesses internal system of self-defence - immune system. How it works and why sometimes us brings?

The Immune system protects the person from infitsirovanija various microbes. Cages of plasma of blood develop the globulin destroying all extraneous substances, and specialised white blood little bodies - limfotsity - will neutralise and absorb the foreign matters (antigenes) which have got to an organism. Antibodies (they antibodies) are developed V-limfotsitami in a spinal cord, and white cages, or T-limfotsity, are developed in lymph nodes.

the action Mechanism

The globulin Molecule consists from two number of the located long chains of the amino acids named heavy because of the big size, and two identical easy chains. Both those, and others are formed separately from each other and incorporate before leaving a plasma cage in blood. Antibodies share on five classes (IgA, IgG, IgD, IgE and IgM, symbol Ig means an antibody), differing on antigene properties of the heavy chains, structure (monomeasured, polymeric), to molecular weight, the maintenance of carbohydrates and, the main thing, on the functions. The antibody And, developed by cages of plasma which cover digestive organs and breath, protects us from bacteria and viruses, interfering with their penetration into an organism. Antibody E, "ю=тхёр¦Ёшщ" for an allergy, fastens to pulmonary cages and cages of other bodies. Action of antibody D is still a little studied, and M, probably, is rudimentary and has got to us from far ancestors.

Immune action of the white little bodies developed in lymph nodes and at children's age operated adenoidami, consists in counteraction to viruses and alien fabrics (that, for example, can become the reason of tearing away of the replaced bodies). In those rare occurences of a hereditary pathology when at the person is not present adenoidov, white little bodies stay idle, the organism not in a condition to struggle with virus infections, and the child lives no more half a year.

White little bodies also destroy antigenes of all types; they, as well as plasma cages, with it are helped by other cages which distinguish a foreign matter, come back in lymph nodes and hand over the corresponding information limfotsitam, capable, as well as red blood little bodies to remember kinds of antigenes.

Cages of plasma round lungs and intestines develop A-immunoglobulinovye antibodies; they counteract viruses of colds and a flu, the bacteria causing a pneumonia, and also destroy the viruses getting into an organism through a gastroenteric path.

The E-antibody struggles with ekzemami, an asthma, a hay fever and, probably, carries out other functions.

immunity Infringements

Immunity of the person depends on, whether are capable to distinguish protective bodies a bacterium or a virus. If they do not distinguish them, cannot and overcome, and, on the contrary, having seen and having remembered, will destroy them, - for what in modern medicine quite often resort to vaccination.

Immunity to usual cold obviously cannot be: its viruses constantly vary and consequently are not distinguished by protective system of an organism. To insufficient formation globulinovyh bodies, T-limfotsitov or both that, and others the separate and seldom enough met hereditary diseases caused by pathological changes in chromosomes simultaneously can result. As consequence, concrete globulin can not suffice an organism.

The Lethal outcome from sharp immunoglobulinovoj insufficiency prevent monthly inektsionnym introduction in an organism of missing antibodies. And absence in an organism of white blood little bodies is not treated almost and leads to death at early age.