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Hormones are that does you especial and unlike the others. They predetermine your physical and mental features you will grow high or not so, full or thin.

Your hormones influence all aspects of your life - from the moment of conception and to the death. They will influence your growth, sexual development, formation of your desires, on a metabolism in an organism, on a fortress of muscles, on a mind sharpness, behaviour, even on your dream.

That such hormones?

Hormones are the biologically active substances developed by your glands. Each hormone has special influence on an organism as a whole or on its separate bodies. Thus all hormones closely co-operate with each other. Glands developing hormones of your organism, share on two groups - endokrinnye (or glands of internal secretion which do not have vyvodnogo a channel) and ekzokrinnye, supplied vyvodnym a channel. Ekzokrinnye glands are more simple and, working, give effect of local character. Glands develop hormones which through special tubules - channels - arrive directly in that body of your organism where they make the work. For example, the saliva is developed by salivary glands and arrives directly in a mouth, and tears are rolled on eyes at once from plaintive gland.

The Most part of human glands concerns to endokrinnym and vyvodnyh no channels have. Such glands develop the hormones arriving in blood streams. On them hormones dvizhutsja, will not get yet <т чхыі" - in those cages of an organism, for influence on which they are developed.

But not all so is simple: some glands answer both for internal, and for external secretion. For example, cages of your pancreas develop digestive juice ekzokrinnym in the way and submit them to intestines on special channels; other cages of same gland carry out other function - supervise quantity of sugar in your blood, and for this purpose they need to influence cages of many other bodies and to operate in the speed from which they consume or keep sugar. It is reached thanks to allocation of a hormone of insulin which always is present at blood of the person.

Exact adjustment of an organism

In many respects the role of hormones is reduced to exact adjustment of your organism for correct functioning. As an example we will result sekretin, obrazuemyj in tsatiperstnoj to a gut in reply to food presence. Sekretin, having overcome on blood system absolutely small distance, arrives in a nearby pancreas and forces it to develop the watery juice containing enzymes, or enzimy, - they are necessary for your organism for food digestion. Other hormone of local action-atsetilholin - is developed, when the nerve sends to muscular cages a compression signal. Getting to the body intended for it, the hormone can start to work, only if it appears on correct forms a site of a cellular membrane. Then, having joined this site of a membrane, the hormone stimulates formation of the substance named cyclic adenozinmonofosfatnom. Scientists believe that in a cage this substance activates group of fermental systems which force a cage to react to an event or to develop the substance at present necessary to an organism.

Reaction of each cage depends on chemical processes in it. If cyclic adenozinmonofosfat appears because of presence of a hormone of insulin, your cages start to incorporate and consume glucose. If, on the contrary, process begins because of presence glikogena (also developed in a pancreas), your cages will start to allocate glucose. This glucose collects in blood, serving as fuel for maintenance of physical activity of an organism.

Management of an organism

When the hormone finishes the work, it or is deactivated in a cage, or arrives in a liver where it is split and or is deduced from an organism, or again is used for manufacture of new molecules of hormonal substance.

Your body develops and consumes hormones in very difficult way. Is better to compare your organism to an orchestra; the orchestra plays under control of the conductor - and the organism works under control of the body called by a hypophysis. This gland of internal secretion - an appendage of a brain also is connected to it a short channel. The hypophysis is divided on two parts - forward and back shares, and its activity is supervised gipotalamusom - the site of a brain which is responsible nervous and endokrinnuju for systems of the person.

Delay and acceleration

The Forward share of a hypophysis develops six various hormones. The control over this process carry out gormonopodobnye the secretory factors operating from gipotalamusa. Four of six hormones concern the trophic: being stimulators, they regulate activity of other glands of internal secretion. One of these hormones stimulates a thyroid gland. If it makes too many hormones, the metabolism is accelerated that, besides other, is shown in palpitation acceleration; if hormones it is developed too little, almost all internal processes are slowed down. Other hormone - adrenokortikotropnyj - influences a site nadpochechnoj glands, developing aldosteron and regulating salt balance. A follikulostimulirujushchy hormone and ljuteinizirujushchy a hormone belong to gonadotropinam - differently, both hormones "Ёрсю=р¦=" over your reproductive system. The first of them promotes development spermatozoidov at men and jajtsekletok at women; The second stimulates allocation of a sexual hormone testosterona at men, and in a female organism develops a progesterone thanks to which every month jaichnikovaja a follicle liberates mature jajtsekletku.

a growth Hormone

The Fifth hormone - prolaktin - starts to operate, when the woman nurses the baby. Thanking prolaktinu its mammary glands develop milk. The sixth hormone - a growth hormone - influences cages on all human body, stimulating their increase in formation and their replacement after wear process.

You gipotalamus receives signals from all parts of a body, including excitable sites of a brain. If, for example, gipotalamus distinguishes that it is necessary for an organism more kortizola (which the true chemical balance of an organism that living tissues functioned in the habitual environment supports), it develops kortikotrofinovyj the factor, and that, in turn, allows to a hypophysis a command to allocate a part laid up kortikotrofina. After that nadpochechnaja gland (in the field of kidneys) will allocate kortizol.

allocation Factors

Each of hormones of a forward share of a hypophysis has the secretory factor. On occasion (in particular with prolaktinom and a growth hormone) works also the braking factor; it happens in cases when the organism requires smaller stimulation from outside a hypophysis.

The Back share of a hypophysis develops two important hormonal substances. The Antidiuretichesky hormone also named vazopressinom, arrives in kidneys and helps an organism to support correct liquid balance. Oksitotsin promotes allocation of milk from a breast of feeding mother. Allocation of these two hormones directly copes nervous signals from gipotalamusa.

Nervous impulses directly operate only two other hormones, adrenaline and noradrenalinom. Them develops and allocates the central site nadpochechnoj glands, preparing an organism for physical activity.

Menstrualnye of the phenomenon

Many girls on themselves know that first the monthly differ an irregularity and are accompanied by painful sensations. So occurs because regular ovuljatsija (formation jajtsekletki) not always coincides with the beginning menstruatsy. The young organism develops enough hormones for growth and part tearing away matochnyh fabrics, but not always allocates follikostimulirujushchy a hormone in quantity, sufficient for maturing and allocation mature jajtsekletki.

The Reason predmenstrualnogo a syndrome is absence of balance between two hormones - an estrogen and a progesterone. Each woman of times in a month to some extent tests headaches, differences in mood, the dream frustration, the raised nervousness and irritability. How with it to struggle? Is better to relax and avoid simply food or loadings from which the state of health will worsen. And if absolutely unbearable, it is necessary to address to the doctor.