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the Human body

For anybody not a secret that each person wishes to know well enough first of all itself and to live in harmony and the consent with itself. Therefore knowledge of own organism – the first desire of any person. Live systems are under construction organisation levels: molecular, cellular, organizmennyj, populjatsionno-specific, biogeotsenotichesky and biospheric.

Any person, studying itself, will consider organizmennyj level of the organisation of the live matter, consisting of physiological systems (digestive, respiratory, secretory, nervous, touch, endokrinnoj, oporno-impellent and device urine-sexual). Any system consists of bodies, those, in turn from fabrics. The organism is uniting system in which in coordination and it is co-ordinated all bodies and systems function. If there are any deviations it is called as illness.

The Person learns the organism to keep health of all its systems, that is constant, established by evolution and the nature constant physiological and biochemical balance operating in an organism. In an organism there is a self-control and communication of an organism with environment. It is accepted to name this process nervously-gumoralnoj regulation because in it take part nervous and gumoralnye processes. Nervous regulation is carried out by nervous system and touch system (sense organs), gumoralnaja is carried out endokrinnoj by system (hormones of glands of internal system).

Offered articles consider questions of knowledge of the organism from the point of view of work of physiological systems, their functional features and ways of preservation of their long normal function In the offered material there is no difficult terminology that helps to involve more a wide range of readers, is final not experts, and inquisitive people, the schoolboys beginning sportsmen.

Acquaintance of an organism to environment Begins with sense organs. This sight, hearing, touch, taste, a smell, skin perception. Resulted articles tell in the accessible, popular form about these systems in small stories:

  • As eyes operate;
  • As the eye is arranged;
  • objective Adjustment (about accommodation);
  • the Internal structure;
  • Sticks and kolbochki (about receptors);
  • eyeball Movement;
  • the Chemical nature of feelings;
  • the Basic smells;
  • a language Structure;
  • As we hear;
  • a touch Role.

Besides, it is told about the most widespread diseases of sense organs: short-sightedness, a far-sightedness, astigmatizm, easing of hearing, taste infringement.

The Nervous system carries out nervous regulation of an organism. In resulted articles in the popular form it is told about a structure and functions to nervous system, about the nature of reflexes, about kinds of nervous system: central (back and a brain), peripheral (somatic and vegetative). The concept about a structure of a nervous cage, about sinapse, about kinds of reflexes is given:

  • Components;
  • the Realized and not realised actions;
  • the Spinal cord;
  • the Brain;
  • Nejrony;
  • That such a reflex;
  • Types of reflexes and so on.

Distinctive feature of the person is its social origin

And presence of so-called alarm system: speech, thinking, consciousness. As has told Pavels: "Рыютю – there is the second alarm system distinguishing the person from mammals цштю=э№§". About it it is told in articles: "рхёі and acceptance Ёх°хэш " "¤ютхфхэёхёъшх Ёх¶ыхъё№" "Нхэ=Ё managements – ьючу" "Ррьюёюуырёютрэшх".

Gumoralnaja regulation is carried out by activity endokrinnoj systems. Endokrinnye glands have no channels, develop a secret – a hormone, and direct it to the internal environment of an organism (blood, a fabric liquid).

  • That such hormones;
  • Exact adjustment of an organism;
  • Management of an organism etc.
  • Transfer of all

    Substances it is carried out through liquids, first of all blood, and an intercellular liquid. About it besides in the fascinating and simple form tell articles:

    • it is a lot of at us blood;
    • Fibers and plasma;
    • Cages – soldiers;
    • the blood Analysis;
    • the Fibrillation;
    • Blood types;
    • the Rhesus factor – the factor;
    • Lymphatic system;
    • Types of liquids;
    • the Liquid exchange and so on.

    Blood Pushing through on an organism carries out heart, and the system is called as blood circulation. About it and illnesses of bodies of blood circulation there is also an information under the title: "-ЁютююсЁрЁхэшх" "РхЁфчх". "Ђььѕээр  ёшё=хьр".

    Not to be ill, it is necessary to know well enough all physiological systems, including breath and blood circulation. About them as there is an information in corresponding podborkah:

    • Respiratory organs;
    • Tireless millstones
      (About digestion in a mouth);
    • the Lock chamber (about a gullet and a stomach);
    • Walk on intestines;
    • Rates vsasyvanija and others.

    It is interestingly written

    About digestive glands: a liver, a pancreas. There is an information on a metabolism: fibers, fats, carbohydrates. All exchange processes finally proceed at cage level. Articles on a theme "-ых=ър" tell about them, their structure, organoidah cages, variety of cages, functions of cellular structures.

    The Oporno-impellent device (includes a skeleton and muscular system) in resulted articles is considered in an evolutionary spectrum of development of the person from anthropoids up to now:

    • Inhabitants of trees;
    • With it is proud of the lifted head;
    • Muscular management;
    • Adaptation and the form;
    • Leaving trees;
    • the Skin and hands;
    • the Mouth and speech;
    • we Learn to stand.

    The Knowledge of a skeleton and muscles allows everyone to develop the receptions of preservation of health. Therefore it is in detail told about a structure and functions of the given system, and also their trauma.

    Each person to some extent is engaged in the appearance and health. Ways different, but we wish to see and feel a healthy skin, hair, nails. On this theme the material of articles is offered:

    • skin Restoration;
    • the Overheat and cooling;
    • the Fat skin and hair;
    • Hair and nails;
    • Types and the form of hair;
    • the Hair colour.

    Any person wishes to have healthy posterity. Naturally for this purpose it is necessary to keep the reproductive health,

    And for this purpose it is necessary to know elementary knowledge of reproductive system and process of conception and embryo development. It will be interesting to everyone to read the materials offered in articles: "-рёрыю цшчэш" "Грёр=шх" "-рёыхфё=тхээюё=і".

    It is A lot of now people are engaged in physical culture and sports. There are traumas on trainings and during competitions, therefore medicine section "РяюЁ=штэр  ьхфшчшэр" now roughly develops. In materials articles about some aspects of medicine in sports are resulted. Some articles have exclusive character, therefore will be interesting for laymen, both sportsmen, and fans.